Covid-19: All information on corona-related measures

The shipping company is considered to be a public transport. And this means that the same rules apply as in the subway, for example. Therefore a social distance on board is not required.

Public passenger transport does not have to comply with the minimum distances. It is therefore all the more important that the obligation to wear a face mask in enclosed spaces is observed by all guests to protect themselves and others.

Please wear a face mask indoors!

Who is exempt?
Children under 6 years are exempt from the obligation to wear a mask. Persons who can credibly prove that wearing a mouth-nose covering is not possible or unreasonable for them due to a disability or for health reasons. The prima facie case is made by an original medical certificate, which must contain the name, date of birth and the specific reason why this results in an exemption from the obligation to wear. The mere reference to "health reasons" is not sufficient proof.

Please keep your distance!

We recommend to keep a minimum distance of 1.5 metres from other passengers or our ship's crew when purchasing tickets, when boarding and disembarking . Please also remember to keep the minimum distance in the sanitary facilities.

Wash your hands regulary!

Please wash and disinfect your hands regularly. In the entrance area of our ships you will find disinfectants accordingly.