By public transport to Lake Ammersee:

S-Bahn (Line 8) from Munich to Herrsching. Timetable

Distance to pier:

  • Herrsching train station: about 500 metres


Bavarian Regional Trains:
From Augsburg or Weilheim to the piers in Dießen, Riederau and Utting. Timetable

Distance to piers:

  • Dießen train station: about 250 metres
  • Riederau train station: about 250 metres
  • Utting train station: about 500 metres


Piers and Car Parks:

  • Stegen

Located in the North and the home harbour of Lake Ammersee Shipping. Located directly on the A96 Motorway (Inning off-ramp). A starting point for the Grand or Northern-tours.
Pier address: Landsberger Str. 81, 82266 Inning/Stegen
Parking: Large public car park located close to the pier (fees apply). Bus parking.

  • Herrsching

Easy to reach by S-Bahn from Munich. Starting point for a hike from the steamer pier to the Andechs Monastery. Beautiful lakeside promenade. Starting point for all round-tours.
Pier address: Seestraße 58, 82211 Herrsching
Parking: car park (fees apply) close to the pier.

  • Dießen

One of the greatest Baroque churches in Germany (Marienmünster). Beautiful lakeside promenade. "Schacky" Landscape Park. Connection to the regional railway to Weilheim and Augsburg. Starting point for all round-tours.
Sat-Nav address: Bahnhofstr. 15, 86911 Dießen, footpath about 3 mins.
Parking close to the pier: in the Seestraße and at the train station

  • Utting

Worth seeing are the parish church and pilgrimage church. "Alte Villa" beer garden. "Gasteiger" artist’s house. Starting point for Northern and Grand round-tours.
Sat-Nav address: Bahnhofsplatz, 86919 Utting, footpath about 5 mins.
Parking: At the train station and in the town centre (about 500 metres from the pier)

  • Schondorf

Well-known for its exciting location. A short walk to the Church of St. Jacob from the middle of the 12th Century, in Unterschondorf. Starting point for Northern and Grand tours.
Address: Seestraße, 86938 Schondorf

  • Holzhausen

Pier address: Am Dampfersteg, 86919 Utting

  • Riederau

Pier address: 86911 Riederau/Dießen

  • Buch

Pier address: Dampfersteg, 82266 Inning/Buch

  • Breitbrunn

Pier address: Seeuferstr. 82211 Herrsching/Breitbrunn