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Are there any questions about your boat trip on Lake Tegernsee? Then check out our info sheets with all the important information for families, groups and charters....

Frequent questions

1. Before sailing

Tickets can only be bought onboard the same day from the boat steward.

From the boat steward onboard.

Card payment is possible only on the gastronomy ships (lines A or B). On the ships of lines C and D only cash payment is possible. 

No. There is no Seniors Day and no discounts for seniors.

2. Onboard

Smoking has been prohibited onboard all boats of the Bayerischen Seenschifffahrt on scheduled sailings since 08.04.2012. This smoking ban also exists on the decks as well as in the interiors.

Smoking on the outdoor decks is allowed on special trips (charter trips, experience trips). Smoking is generally not permitted in the indoor areas.

What are charter trips? A private person or a company rents a boat exclusively for an event > Smoking on the outdoor deck is then allowed.

What are experience trips? Events that are held within Lakes Shipping programme and are not carried out within the framework of scheduled cruises. These are for example, dance trips, gourmet trips, gastronomic trips, church pilgrimage trips etc. > Smoking on the outdoor deck is then allowed.
However, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day trips are published in the sailing program but are held within the framework of regular scheduled sailings (big round-trip cruises) > Here the general smoking ban applies.

What are scheduled sailings? Any sailing carried out as part of a timetable > Smoking ban on the whole boat.

Yes, that's possible.

The newer vessels MS ROTTACH-EGEN and MS TEGERNSEE, which are used on the big round-trip cruises (Lines A and B), are built for disabled access.

Wheelchair users can also take advantage of the smaller boats on the Southern Tours (Lines C and D). This is unproblematic when there are low passenger volumes. There is space onboard for about three wheelchairs (no electric wheelchairs). Our boat staff will gladly help wheelchair users to board and disembark.

Catering is provided onboard MS ROTTACH-EGERN and MS TEGERNSEE. These two boats usually operate on the Grand round-trip cruises (Lines A and B).

The boat's gastronomy offers coffee/cakes, drinks, ice cream and smaller dishes. If you would like to have a comprehensive catering for yourself or your group, we can gladly organise this. Contact: Boat Gastronomy Tegernsee, Tel. +49 8022 865546 or

Above the entrance door to the boat is a sign showing the line name. 

You are not restricted to any one Line. Lines A, B, C, and D can be combined with each other. 

The Grand round-trip cruise takes about 90 - 105 minutes. The Southern round-trip cruise takes about 60 minutes. You will always return to the starting point during the round-trip cruises.

On the Southern and Grand round-trip cruises, there are explanations of the landscape and history. 

On the MS ROTTACH-EGERN and MS TEGERNSEE, which are usually scheduled on Lines A and B (big round-trip cruise), there is a baby changing table in the ladies' toilet.

On Lake Tegernsee, there is no general dog muzzle obligation (this is only the case on Königssee).