Timetable as pdf-download

Please note that ...

  • ... You can only get your ticket on the boat from the steward.
  • .. There is no smoking onboard the boats during scheduled trips.
  • ... Bicycle transport is only possible on Line A and (usually also) Line B to a limited extent. There is no bicycle transport on Lines C and D.
  • ... There is catering available only on the Grand round-trips - Lines A and B.
  • ... There are no toilets onboard the small boats of Line C and D.
  • ... In the event of fog, storm, flood or other unforeseeable events, please consider that there might be delays or cancellations.
  • ... e.g. In the case of gusty wind or many swimmers in the area of the landing piers, our captains may be forced not to land at some piers for safety reasons.
  • ... Passengers are allowed to disembark and re-embark once during the Southern and twice during the Grand tour.
  • ... The fare regulations and conditions of carriage of the Bayerischen Seenschifffahrt GmbH must be observed.
  • ... We reserve the right to make changes!