By public transport to Lake Starnberg:

With the S 6 from Munich to Starnberg. Timetable.

  • The railway station in Starnberg is opposite the steamer pier.

German Railway:
From Weilheim to the pier to Tutzing (walking distance from the train station to the pier around 1km, about 15 mins). Timetable.

Piers and Car Parks:

  • Starnberg

The best place to start a cruise (Grand, Castle or Northern tour) is in Starnberg, which can be easily reached by S-Bahn from Munich and located at the North of the lake.
Pier Address: Bahnhofsplatz, 82319 Starnberg, footpath to the pier about 5 mins.
(Address for Shipping Company Administration: Nepomukweg 4, 82319 Starnberg)
Parking close to the pier: e.g. car park in the Maximilianstraße or at the train station

  • Berg

King Ludwig II spent his last days in Berg Castle before he was found dead in Lake Starnberg. There, the Votive Chapel stands as a reminder of the Fairy-Tale King (about 1.2km from the pier).
Pier Address: Seestraße, 82335 Berg

  • Leoni

Leoni is located on the eastern shore of Lake Starnberg. The pier is located 1.1km from the Votive Chapel and about half way to the Berg pier.
Pier Address: Assenbucher Straße, 82335 Leoni

  • Possenhofen

Located on the West bank. The pier is located in the immediate vicinity of the Possenhofen Castle, in which Empress Elisabeth of Austria ("Sisi") spent her childhood. The castle is not open to visitors. Starting point for a trip to Rose Island - the only island in Lake Starnberg and about 2km away.
Pier Address: Karl-Theodor-Straße, 82343 Pöcking

  • Tutzing

Tutzing is the starting point for the Southern round-trip cruise, but also the grand tour can be done from here.
Parking: e.g. at the train station (about 1km from the pier)
Pier Address: Schloßstraße, 82327 Tutzing

  • Bernried

In 1983, Bernried was named the "most beautiful village in Bavaria" and has retained its charm to this day. Here, you can admire the historic town centre with its old wooden houses. From the pier, a beautiful and about 1km long path leads to the "Museum of Fantasy". It shows the interesting expressionist collection by Lothar-Günther Heim ("The Boat"). The train station is about 1.5km from pier.
Pier Address: An der Mühle, 82347 Bernried

  • Seeshaupt

Located at the South of the lake.
Pier Address: Hauptstraße, 82402 Seeshaupt, ca. 5 min. from pier.

  • Ambach

Located on the Eastern shore.
Pier Address: Seeuferstraße, 82541 Ambach