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Frequent questions

1. Before sailing

Here you will find our boats’ sailing plans (subject to change).
The planning of the boats on the individual lines usually takes place one week in advance.

On Lake Starnberg, there is no general dog muzzle obligation (this is only the case on Königssee).

We sail in any weather. In the event of a storm, it may not be possible to land at some piers for safety reasons. This decision is made by the captain. 

Before Easter Sunday and after the end of the official sailing season until around the end of October, short trips are offered during nice weather at the weekends. However, this depends on whether boats are available. In Spring, an early start to the season depends on whether the winter work could be completed in good time.  

More information is always available on the website or directly at the office of Lake Starnberg Shipping (Tel. +49 8151 8061). 

S-Bahn connection Lake Starnberg: Line S6 Starnberg, Tutzing

2. On the boats

Smoking has been prohibited onboard all boats of the Bayerischen Seenschifffahrt on scheduled sailings since 08.04.2012. This smoking ban also exists on the decks as well as in the interiors.

Smoking on the outdoor decks is allowed on special trips (charter trips, experience trips). Smoking is generally not permitted in the indoor areas.

What are charter trips? A private person or a company rents a boat exclusively for an event > Smoking on the outdoor deck is then allowed.

What are experience trips? Events that are held within Lakes Shipping programme and are not carried out within the framework of scheduled cruises. These are for example, dance trips, gourmet trips, gastronomic trips, church pilgrimage trips etc. > Smoking on the outdoor deck is then allowed.
However, Father’s Day or Mother’s Day trips are published in the sailing program but are held within the framework of regular scheduled sailings (big round-trip cruises) > Here the general smoking ban applies.

What are scheduled sailings? Any sailing carried out as part of a timetable > Smoking ban on the whole boat.

On the ships number 1 and 2 (grand and northern tour - except course 10) there is a catering on board, which offers all kinds of tasty food. On ship number 3 (southern tour) there is a snack, drink, ice cream and coffee vending machine on board. 

You can bring your own food and drinks outside the restaurant area.

Bicycles can be taken, only to a limited extent. For this, we recommend ship no. 1 and 2.

The bike ticket is valid only for one route.

The MVV Bike Ticket is not accepted.

Cargo bikes are not transported. They are to large for our landing bridge.

SUB boards are transported only folded.

Passengers are allowed to disembark and re-embark once during the Northern, Southern and Short tour and twice during the Grand tour. There are no stops on the single journeys.