Excursion tips

Baroque jewel St. Bartholomä

Anyone wishing to visit the little pilgrimage church dedicated to Saint Bartholomew, with its famous red onion turrets from the 17th Century, has to take to the water. Also worth seeing is the adjacent Hunting Lodge. The former Royal summer residence is now a restaurant that boasts a nice guest garden and all kinds of Bavarian delicacies.

By rowing boat on Lake Königssee

Go on an individual discovery tour! With a rowing boat from Lake Königssee Shipping, you can choose your own pace and destination. Rowing Boat Rental: On the Königssee lakeside, in the 2nd boathouse after the toilets. Rowing boat rental is available in good weather from around 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Boats are available for 2 and 4 people.

National Park information point in St. Bartholomä

This exhibition in a historic forest workers' hut tells all about the constant changes in nature - as can be particularly well observed in the central area of the National Park. Open daily from May to October.

Hike to the Ice Chapel at the foot of the Watzmann

The Ice Chapel is one of the 100 most beautiful geotopes in Bavaria. From the historic restaurant at St. Bartholomä, a beautiful hiking trail leads to the St. Johann and Paul Chapel (1620, Late Gothic style) and onwards to the famous and splendidly situated "Ice Chapel” (about 1.5 hours from St. Bartholomä). At the foot of the Watzmann East Wall, melting water forms an ice cave in avalanche snow. Do not enter the Ice Chapel because of the danger of collapse.

Kessel - Starting point for beautiful mountain tours

For mountaineers who want to go to the Gotzenalm, the idyllic Königsbachalm or the Kahlersberg, the boats will gladly stop here. Please inform the boat crew that you want to disembark at Kessel. Guests wishing to travel by boat from Kessel to the Königssee lakeside must operate an orange sliding board on the pier. This board signals the passing boats that guests wish to be transported to Kessel.

Salet - Entrance to a natural paradise

From the Salet stop, you can reach the magnificently located Obersee on foot in about 15 mins. and see the spectacular Röthbach Waterfall at the end of the valley.

Game feeding in St. Bartholomä in winter

The arrival of winter is a difficult time for the local red deer. Snow and ice make the search for food almost impossible. That's why previously the deer used to leave the mountain forests before winter arrived and set out to forage in the less snow-covered meadow forests of the Alpine foothills. Settlements and roads today hinder these migrations. Even in the National Park on Lake Königssee, survival without feeding is difficult. Therefore, today on St. Bartholomä and in the "Reitl" (located opposite) two deer feeding stations are placed. In the spring, the deer move back up to higher altitudes.