Ticket   Price for adult
Königssee > St. Bartholomä return ticket 22,50 €*

Königssee > St. Bartholomä**

one way 11,30 € *
Königssee > Kessel** (boat stop there in request only) one way 8,00 €*

*incl. 7 % VAT

**or in reverse

  • Children up to 5 years old sail free on all scheduled trips. 
  • Children from 6 to 17 years old receive a 50% discount (rounded up to the nearest 10 Cents) on the adult price. 
    This does not apply to special offers, such as combi-tickets, yearly tickets, etc.
  • Family discount on the round trips - a full-paying family member (Mum, Dad, Grandma or Grandpa) pays the children's rate for the first child / grandchild of 6 to 17 years old and all further own children from 6 to 17 years old only € 1 each.  An appropriate proof of ID or similar must be provided on request.
  • Baby buggies are generally transported. Due to the special design of the electric passenger boats, the space is limited. Folding prams or buggies are thus ideal.
  • Recommended for hikes with children
    St. Bartholomä:

    The trail along the lake shore (starting behind the restaurant) is well gravelled and flat. It is thus ideal for kid’s buggies. The same goes for the hike to the St. Johann and Paul Chapel. The way to the Ice Chapel is no longer suitable for kid’s buggies. 

    For bigger children, the hike across the scree field to the Ice Chapel is exciting (danger of falling, do not enter or climb!).

    Equally interesting is where the Ice Stream estuary enters Lake Königssee. The mouth of the stream is reached easily in about 15 mins from the boat pier - the path starts just behind the waiting hall, towards Kärlingerhaus.

    The Rinnkendlsteig Trail requires physical stamina and sure-footedness and is therefore not suitable for children. The trail over the Saugasse to the Kärlingerhaus is also somewhat difficult.

    The path from the boat pier to Lake Obersee is also suited to kid’s buggies. The further route to the Fischunkelalm is not suitable for kid's buggies but is easily manageable for bigger children. Bigger children can also easily reach the Röthbach Waterfall.

Reduced fare for groups from 20 full paying people Adults

Königssee > St. Bartholomä and return

20,30 €*
Königssee > Salet and return 25,70 €*

*incl. 7 % VAT

  • Pre-requisite: One person buys the tickets for all group members.
  • A combination of the group discount with other discounts is not possible
  • You can get the tickets before departure of the boats at the ticket counter (please pass the normal queue and go straight to the ticket counter). The group leader is asked to come to the cashier minimum 30 mins. before the reserved departure time. If the tickets are not collected up to 20 mins. before the reserved departure time, they will be released for general sale.
  • Seat reservations on boats for groups of 20 people are only possible on the way to St. Bartholomä or Salet. Reservations after 15.00 only on request. For the return trip from St. Bartholomä or Salet, there are unfortunately no seat reservations available on the boats. Due to the long waiting time at the Seelände we recommend to make a seat reservation. Seat reservations by phone on +49 8652 9636 -14 (Mon - Thu 8.00 - 17.00 and Fri till 12.30) or -96 (Mon-Sun and public holidays) or by mail to (mails are not processed on weekends and holidays).
  • You are also welcome to register your group online. Please note that the processing can only take place within the usual office hours from Mon to Fri. 
  • Please also refer to the leaflet "Further information for group travel".
All dogs, irrespective of race or size, must wear a muzzle. No transport of fighting dogs!
  • Guide dogs and assistance dogs are excepted. In the case of assistance dogs, a corresponding proof of identity is required! These dogs are transported free of charge and are exempt from the muzzle obligation.
  • Fighting Dogs (as per the classification of dogs with increased aggression and dangerousness from 10.07.1992) are generally not transported.
  • Dogs are transported for a fee.
  • Note for mountaineers: The dogs of mountaineers must wear a muzzle on the return journey from Salet, St. Bartholomä or Kessel. In order not to be excluded from sailing, please take a muzzle along in your backpack.

Why must dogs wear a muzzle?

The tight space on an electric motor boat often leads to unpleasant situations between passengers and dogs. Passengers without dogs often have a fear of some dogs. They cannot understand how we can transport dogs in such a tight space and endanger the passengers. Of course, the tight spaces, many different odours, strong heat, little fresh air and lack of space are also a burden for the dog. For boat crews, it is extremely difficult to balance the interests of dog owners and non-dog owners. It is also not possible for them to assess the aggression potential of individual dogs. In the interests of the safety of all passengers, we have therefore decided to introduce a general muzzle requirement for all dogs.

You don’t have a muzzle?
If the dog cannot be fitted with a muzzle (very small dogs), a sailing is only possible in a suitable dog carrying case (crate).

Please note in the interests of our other passengers, that you cannot let your dog swim in the lake immediately before the sailing. The boat crew may refuse to transport wet dogs.

Lake Königssee sits almost completely in the Berchtesgaden National Park. Only a few paths in the National Park are approved for cyclists or mountain bikers. This is to avoid conflicts with pedestrians and protects sensitive natural areas. Cycling on the paths in St. Bartholomä, Salet and Kessel is not allowed. Therefore, no bicycles are transported on Lake Königssee’s boats.

There are no discounts for seniors on Lake Königssee’s sailings.

  • Children's groups (children up to 5 years old)

For every 10 paying students or youths, an adult chaperone receives a free ticket. All tickets must be paid and collected by a chaperone for all group members.

Only children (up to 5 years old) sail free of charge. All chaperones pay the adult fare and older children (from 6 years onwards) pay the children’s fare.

  • Pupils and youth groups from 6 to 17 years old

For every 10 paying students or youths, an adult chaperone receives a free ticket. All tickets must be paid and collected by a chaperone for all group members.

There is no discount on guest cards.

Did you know that...

  • ... the ticket is valid only on the date shown
  • ... you will receive the ticket at the cashiers at Königssee lakeside.
  • ... we accept all the usual payment cards to pay for the tickets.
  • ... on days with very high passenger volumes, we may stop selling tickets for round-trips at the Königssee lakeside in the afternoon.
  • ... mountaineers who want to sail back from Salet or St. Bartholomä to the lakeside (single fare), can get a ticket from the pier steward. For sailings from the Kessel request stop, the ticket must be bought directly on the boat (please have small change ready).
  • ... The fare regulations and conditions of transport of the Bayerischen Seenschifffahrt GmbH must be observed.