Lake Königssee

Deeply nestled between towering cliffs with emerald green water located at the foot of the imposing Watzmann East Wall. The heart of the Berchtesgaden National Park.

Lake Königssee has a fascination that has made it well known and popular far beyond its borders. Not for nothing then, is it chosen every year by its visitors as one of the top destinations in Germany. 

On quiet electric boats, passengers glide over to the unique pilgrimage church of St. Bartholomä. With its striking onion turrets, it is located in one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria together with the former hunting lodge of Bavarian Kings.

It is well worth sailing right to the end station at Salet. A short walk leads to Lake Obersee where your view stretches across the magnificently situated lake and over to the Fischunkelalm and the Röthbach Waterfall. From over 450m, Germany's highest waterfall tumbles down into the valley.

At the end of the day, you will not only experience the deepest lake in Bavaria (at just under 200m), the reverberation of the trumpet echo, rushing waterfalls and idyllically situated Alpine pastures, but you will also leave behind a little bit of your heart.

Electric motor boat

Lake Königssee Shipping has 18 almost identical electric motor boats (EMB). The boat shape has grown historically and dates back to the beginning of electric passenger shipping. Since 1909, Lake Königssee’s boats have been electrically operated. Their energy comes from rechargeable batteries which are charged overnight. During the day, the boats glide silently and eco-friendly over Lake Königssee at an average speed of 12 km/h.

Each boat is about 20m long, 3.50m wide and can carry around 93 people. However, due to kid's buggies and backpacks etc. only about 80 passengers are transported within the timetable.

By the way, the boats are built and repaired by our staff at the in-house boatyard on Lake Königssee.

Please note that there are no toilets on board and there is no catering on the boats!

Map lake Königssee